Mmm MotoGP M Car: BMW Adds M4 Coupe to MotoGP Safety Car Roster
We’ve begun to realize that, short of giving its front-drive 2-series Active Tourer the MotoGP safety-car treatment, BMW might just be incapable of creating a boring MotoGP safety car.
Adding Life to the Living Room
The living room is a place where most of us relax as we are entertained by our TVs, and where we entertain others, so it’s an area where we like our surroundings to be both comfortable and stylish.
Neil Young's elite music player is prism-shaped oddity
“My My, Hey Hey/Rock and Roll is here to stay/Better to burn out than fade away,” crooned Neil Young on his 1979 album Rust Never Sleeps.
Titanfall is an intelligent, modern shooter which gives Call of Duty’s multiplayer formula new life
Titanfall is the first substantial revision that the Call of Duty multiplayer formula has undergone since it became the dominant form of entertainment on the last generation of consoles.

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2016 Toyota Tacoma First Drive: Yes, There Really Is a New Tacoma

-It’s the gateway truck for a lifetime of truck addiction, the Americanized version of the world’s wheeled beast of burden, and precisely the right truck for carrying large dogs that shed. And the updated 2016 version of the Toyota Tacoma enters production hauling a birthright as the
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11 Floor Lamp Ideas Just Right for a Contemporary Home

Lighting is such a key element in any setting making floor lamp ideas an important accessory to consider when outfitting a home.  There will always be situations that require adequate illumination to perform basic tasks such as reading newspapers, perusing through magazines, sewing or

11 Artistic Wall Shelves Highlighted from Organized Homes

When you look around the internet there are many artistic wall shelves which are creative, whimsical and often times clever in design. A lot of times I see just the idea itself, but not a room or a home to gain an understanding of how a whole room comes together. Today we want to focu

10 Dining Table Sets Perfect for a Contemporary Room

Think about the dining table sets you have eaten on in your lifetime. For me, I think of holiday dinners and family occasions where the best silverware and crystal was used. It may have taken days to prepare the food and another day to get the room ready for entertaining. Life is abou

10 Modern Chandeliers that Will Change Your Home Lighting

Modern chandeliers can add a wow factor in a home and make a statement piece in a hallway, high ceiling or over a dining room.  My favorite thing about them is the artistic inspiration and vision that the designer must have had to come up with such unique and awe inspiring pieces.  Wh